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We Put 28 CC Creams to the Test—These 10 Came Out On Top

by Stephen Arnett on July 29, 2023

By Alyssa Kaplan and Theresa Holland

The best products to color correct for even, fresh-looking skin.

Byrdie Jhett Thompson

If innovation in the beauty industry has taught us anything over the last few years, it’s that traditional foundation isn’t the only thing we can use to even out our complexions and serve as a base for the rest of our makeup. There are tinted moisturizers, skin tints, serum foundations, BB creams, and of course, CC creams.

Not to be confused with BB cream, also known as beauty balm, CC cream is all about color correcting, hence why it tends to have more coverage than the former. "CC cream specifically targets areas that are more problematic, such as redness or discoloration,'' explains celebrity makeup artist Nydia Figueroa.

In addition to providing coverage that evens out the complexion, CC cream formulations often contain skincare ingredients. "It can also be used to protect the skin from sun damage, fine lines, and age spots,” says Figueroa. 

So, if you love multitasking products that benefit your skin while providing coverage, CC cream might be just what you’re looking for. We put dozens to the test, evaluating each one based on its formula, blendability, coverage, finish, and wear, and ahead, we're sharing which ones impressed us the most.

Below, find the best CC creams tested by Byrdie.

By Alyssa Kaplan and Theresa Holland | Updated on July 29, 2023