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The 7 Best Eye Shadow Primers to Keep Your Eye Makeup in Place All Day Long

by Stephen Arnett on July 29, 2023

by Grace Lindsay

Have you ever found yourself spending what feels like hours applying the perfect eye shadow look, only for it to crease and smudge by lunchtime? You're not alone.

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As someone with very oily skin, I used to avoid eye makeup altogether, as no matter how much money I spent on high-end products, they would never just stay put. However, after sharing these woes with a friend, they introduced me to an eye shadow primer, and it's safe to say that I've never looked back.

These clever products work in the same way as a face primer, helping your makeup last all day long. Since adding one to my collection, I've been able to have so much fun with my eye makeup looks without worrying about them sliding off and disappearing. So, I thought that it was only right that I spoke to the experts to find out exactly how eye shadow primers work, and more importantly, how to choose the best one for you.

I've even rounded up my top picks for you to shop, so keep on scrolling for all the information you need.

What Do Eye Shadow Primers Do?

"Eyeshadow primers are a necessary part of my makeup prep on set because they keep eye shadows in place," explains Sara Wren, director of artistry at Milk Makeup. "Eye shadows often don’t show up, fade or can crease over the course of the day, but a good primer will prevent that from happening.

"Most primers come in the form of a liquid or a cream, and some contain pigment to help even out the lid colour before applying product. My favourite eye shadow primers are colourless—they won’t change the payoff of the product that I apply on top."

How To Choose An Eye Shadow Primer:

When choosing a primer, Wren says that it's important to figure out what you want from the product. If you experience dry eyelids, then you'll want to go for a hydrating option, however if you have oiler skin, you'll need something with a really long-lasting formula. "Once you know what you want, that will help you determine the best eye shadow primer for you," she says. 

by Grace Lindsay