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MCWH eBay site is now live. Look for inventory to steadily grow there.

by Stephen Arnett on August 06, 2023

The Marketcraze Warehouse eBay site is now LIVE and taking orders.  Look for all your conventional cosmetic, makeup, and beauty items there in ready to purchase bite-size quantities for same day shipping.

The eBay store is particularly useful for the liquidation of those random things our distribution partners request that we take in our shipments that are not core to our business.  Unloading these via eBay allows us to recover those dollars without cluttering our focused storefronts with items nobody expects to see there. (e.g. imagine Batman socks in our lipstick overstock load)

Sure we could run a promotion for a free package of Batman socks with every Covergirl purchase, but this seems more likely to confuse and amuse our customers than to delight them.  So we will find the right channel for any given item to help it find its market.

This process will be slow at first as we are bandwidth limited for listing items.  

Add us to your favorites and come see what we have in store.